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Ep 2: Shiny.

Last night was dreary so I filmed inside. Of course that meant that today was beautiful so I could have filmed outside. Maybe next time.

Mom’s scarf: Yarn Closet’s Leaf Scarf by Lankakomero in Red Heart Baby Love: Mint

The new ‘Shiny!” shirt from

IMG_6579                   IMG_6607


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Ep 1: The Beginning of Knitting

    First of all, I love this thing. It’s pretty, a tiny bit retro looking (though the older one is more so), and smells good because HEY. I like the smell of leather. Who doesn’t?? I have to thank my loverly boyfriend for buying me this awesome, slightly overpriced Namaste ‘Better Buddy Case’.  Unfortunately, my crochet needles are just a TINY bit too long to stick in it diagonally. Oh well! The zombie bookmark is from  him too. Turnip and radish are by me, made with polyclay. ^^

I just started teaching myself knitting. It is SO HARD. I’m used to being able to pick up.. well… pretty much any type of craft and do it reasonably well. I’ve done woodworking. I’ve done welding. I can crochet like a madman. I have so much trouble knitting. I’m getting better but this shouldn’t be this damn hard. lol I kept trying, failing, pulling my work apart, trying again. Rinse, repeat. I work English style. I tried Continental. I really did. I still occasionally try it, because it’d make switching needles a little less awkward, but I can’t get the hang of it. I still never hold the yarn the same way twice.


I started doing a leaved (is that a word? or leafed..whatever) scarf for my mom. This one to be precise. If you don’t have a Ravelry account, it’s here* as well.

After four or five, maybe six, false starts, I finally got going and it’s looking.. decent. I keep thinking maybe I’m reading the pattern in the wrong direction, but it’s looking like the pattern in the picture so maybe I’m not. Who knows. It still takes me 8 or 900% more time to knit than it does to crochet at the moment. It’s a little easier on my wrist, at least.

I’m currently using straight needles longer than my arm. I have a circular metal pair but they were a size too big (and my knitting hasn’t been any better on them). Both are aluminum and the tips scrape my skin uncomfortably when I’m casting on, so I have a 16 piece set of carbonized bamboo circulars in the mail.

*  I’d just like to take the time to say I love, love, love, Evernote Clearly and Evernote Web Clipper. They’re Firefox (and probably other browser) addons that, obviously, pair with Evernote. I use them to quick save knit and crochet patterns that aren’t in PDF form so I can view them on my computer, old ipad, or phone whenever I need. (

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This is still a work in progress, and I’m not sure how much I like the title. I’ve used Leeksoup the most out of any username, but I’m trying to come up with a slightly more serious one with my name in it. We’ll see. I tend to not stick with blogs for very long anyway. 😦

Oh. Also, each header will be a photo I’ve taken, I think. Only two up so far. I’m tired.