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Ep 4: Thanks

+ Coyotes were yowling again right before I started recording, but they quietened down. I wish my mic was good enough to pick the sound of them up.

+ Wow that’s a bad angle.

+ Sorry for the shaking, the way I had the tripod set up, the chair kept bumping it. Next time’ll be better!

+There was supposed to be music at the end, but my computer and I had a fight. It won.

Notes —

Imperial Rodeo @ 6DollarShirts ($6 +S&H)

Teeny KTOG Washcloth

Improv Bra
Mom’s Leaf Scarf


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Ep 3: Today’s slow and lethargic video brought to you by Daryl Dixon and howling coyotes

I forgot to mention but I watched Vikings and loved it. It makes me want to grow my hair back out simply so I can braid it like Lagertha’s. I also find it funny that yesterday’s viking hairdos are today’s white trash ‘dos. :3

  • Daryl’s Arrows on RedBubble (I didn’t get mine here, I forget where. Search around, there’s usually cheaper sources than RB for shirts. Their upside is you pick your own shirt color.)

Also, whilst editing, this convo went on between Yumi and I, which amused me greatly:
Jes: I filmed a blog tonight but it’s boring.
Bob: Do you squeeze lotsa yarn happily?
Jes: No. S’why it’s boring.
Bob: Slyff: “This yarn is so soft *squeeze* like the warm pelt of a large viking man.” It’d be funny if you was saying normal stuff but there was subtitles like that under you while you talking.
Jes: I almost wanna turn the file over to you n let you put subtitles like that next time.


My lovely old strawberry curtain that served as a buffer
between the glass desk and all the glass jars.