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Ep 5: There is no video.

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Whew. Well, after a hectic and extremely humid family reunion, a successful maternal? multi-bypass surgery, and a both boring/uncomfortable delay (5+ hours sitting in an economy class plane next to my broad shouldered boyfriend (I’m also broad shouldered, so by the end of the night both of our backs were aching from subconsciously leaning away from each other to make room. I caught myself doing it even when I was trying not to.) in a holding pattern/flying way past our destination for refueling, and then sitting on the runway waiting for the go ahead to come back to our destination) and harrowing flight through stormy weather, I’m sort of back. Well, that is to say, I’m posting now, but don’t know when I will next. I’m in Ohio now and I tend to not get on the computer as much up here. There’s always things to run around and do, fun to be had, places to go shopping, Army of Two to be played.

I don’t really have a great place to film here. I might have to try taking over the reading (tiny room full of books and a giant comfy chair, but also filled with anything else we need to store) room to do my little clips.

I’ve done a bit of knitting. I finished my reunion prize cloth packs for the random drawing prize table, the ‘red&white&blue’ one getting snatched up almost immediately and mom picking out the ‘earth&sky&water’ one soon after as her prize. That one, as far as I know, is still sitting beribboned on a dresser. They say it’s too pretty and nice to open and use. Dad chose the ribbon for the kitchen one which still amuses me and I love that pattern. Would that I had the Camera+ app on my phone before taking the pics. They still didn’t turn out badly, though.


The labels were a lot of fun to make and Pagy/Yumi helped me out a lot with layout. Thanks, girly!

After that, I finished the dragon for dad I’d been working on (only finishing right as we were pulling up at the airport to get out. The pic is awful and I won’t have a chance to get another until probably this autumn.

Also, after many many false starts, multiple needle swaps (I went from DPNs to a 16″ circular to two 24″ circulars before I was finally happy) I finished my Jayne Cobb Hat.

After that, I started a shawl. I don’t wear shawls. I wore nothing but black tshirts and jeans and now I’m getting girlier. I wear the occasional store bought knitted shrug with a tanktop but I feel too dressy doing so. A shawl seems like it’d make me feel silly. It’s glittery though. I could use it just for dressy occasions that I can’t escape.

Mom’s Leafy Scarf
Reunion Washcloths
Dad’s Dragon
Jayne’s Hat

Just Beachy Shawl

a few flight pictures { I know people get sick of seeing these but my favourite part of flying is looking at all the clouds. It’s especially interesting when they’re spread as far as the eye can see and it looks like uninterrupted snow covered ground.

IMG_8156IMG_8154   IMG_8155IMG_8158


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