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Ep. 7 White House Farm / Battle Bonnet’s Finished!

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So I recorded this a few days ago (and quality is awful this time around, sorry) , remembered it was still on my phone and went to transfer it and several other things off my phone. I didn’t see it and thought it’d glitched and not recorded and got annoyed. Just now while going through photos I found it so now it’s saving/uploading while I add the rest of the pics of this post. It’s going to be a bit photo heavy. Sorry. (lol my sweater’s shoulders are pointy. I wasn’t thinking and put it on the back of a chair at a restaurant and hadn’t tried fixing it before the video) Links are after the break. Pathfinder is also below the break.

I also forgot to mention that White House Farm is completely packed this time of year. Parking, shopping and donut lines were insane. I found a few pics and they’re unceremoniously at the very end of the video.

So I think I mentioned before that Mike’s mom is deeply patriotic and inherited my (previously Mike’s before that) old ipad 1. She happened to also mention that she liked plaid so we stole the ipad back since I needed to get a game save off it anyway, and I measured it to make her a neat little carrying case. It has double stitched seams, snaps holding down both the large main pocket flap as well as the one covering the little pocket for coins/chapstick? on the back. There’s also a spot for styluses. Mike and I each picked out a fabric and together, we settled on the plaid flags and gold stars. She ended up absolutely loving it and definitely cried upon seeing it. You can click on them for larger pictures.

2013-09-10 - Freedom Bag - 1 Front2013-09-10 - Freedom Bag - 2 Back2013-09-10 - Freedom Bag - 6 Flag Side2013-09-10 - Freedom Bag - 4 Inside    2013-09-10 - Freedom Bag - 3 Ipad In2013-09-10 - Freedom - 7 Progress

(links are to photos and sometimes lore if there is no photo of the named and open in a new tab)
Also, as with every Saturday, we played Pathfinder. Previously, after many other adventures*1, we had traipsed through the snowy mountains, carving our way through stone and frost giants and worgs alike. We possessed the Ebon Skull, a cursed skull that oozed disease causing black goo associated with Urgathoa (who is goddess of excess, disease and the undead and therefore is half skeletal and half meaty), and hoped to find a powerful hammer of the titans. The hammer was found to be inside a large crystal tower, in the possession of a Frost Giant King whom we promptly slayed. His wife was nowhere to be found at the time. Having been nearly seduced into turning over the skull to Belshezu, a glabrezu in disguise, we used the hammer to smash it and a rip opened in the world. As we were all sucked into it, a white dragon came roaring into view, perhaps angry her mate was dead, and as the portal closed, her clawed foot reached out for us and was severed. We found ourselves surrounded by demons and trapped in the abyss. We were put in chains, imprisoned on an anti-magic rock and forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena.

Hesitantly and most unwillingly but with no other choice, we entered into a deal with aforementioned glabrezu (alternately there’s also this pic). He was hoping to seize the power and position of the current area’s leader by having us release a powerful prisoner of said leader from a solid block of crystal. We needed a spell component attuned to our home plane in order to cast a spell and escape. (We waded through DEMON POOP and were attacked by sludge monsters to get into the throne area. Damn you, Mike. We’ll never forgive you for that. Curses!) We infiltrated the ..hive? there were lots of bugs, released the prisoner, and with our new demon friend, got out by the skin of our teeth*2. Of course, being a glabrezu we expected to be screwed over by him and were, being ported into the World Wound*3 instead of where we’d hoped to show up, finding a long lost and mostly abandoned dwarven sky citadel in the process.We made it inside the first level of that, where we found a friend from earlier adventures, and learned that it had been a year*4 since we’d jumped through that portal into the abyss and that the world was now in chaos.

*1 one being into The City of Death, a deadly city of slowly rising molten gold, which was located on The Isle of Terror, where we met a crazed ranger who had been there for an indeterminate amount of time, and his rat companion, whom we later bought barding for. He was to be a throw away character but we took a liking to him and he got to stay.
*2 He invisibly snuck it into Dom, our Cleric’s, pocket and later chased us with guards while mentally telling Dom to check her pocket. This lead to him being called the Glabrezu of Erised by… just me, pretty much.
*3 Technically Mike followed all the rules of  figuring out where we’d pop out. He rolled and everything. Even so, we were going to be put there for plot’s sake, anyway. Dom wasn’t the least bit thrilled, though.
*4 It only felt like a few weeks to us.

We didn’t have a shemhazian mini big enough, but Orcus was so we used him, if only because we haven’t gotten a chance to yet. One day I want to see that colossal red dragon ‘mini‘ (not my pic) he has getting some use, preferably when we’re bigger or in another game. Here’s a little pic of the fight. Photos can be clicked for a larger view.

2013-11-09 Shemhazian 12013-11-09 Shemhazian 2 

Links, links, so many links.

+ Shirt: Brontosaurus On Pluto (6 Dollar Shirts)

+ Winged Heart Tattoo (Annypurls) / Mama’s Heart by Jess
+ Dwarven Battle Bonnet 2 by Sally Pointer (Wicked Woolens) / Mike’s Beefy Bearded Bonnet by Jess Pics!
+Grrlfriend Market Bag (Laura Spradlin) / Girlfriend Market Bag by Jess

+ White House Fruit Farm


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