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‘Love Your Work’ Typography Posters | Free Printables!

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There’s clutter everywhere and I think I’m starting to go a little twitchy. I’ve been doing a big furniture rearrange..and also am getting ready to paint two bookshelves, a filing cabinet, and a mobile kitchen island turned craft table plus some simple diy art if I can find some more picture frames. The local cheapy thrift store is so bare. (When I’m not doing all that I’m building homes on the Sims 3 and posting ’em up to show off. /shamelessplug)

The bookshelves are getting a chalk paint finish and I had planned to start painting the first one today but it turned out a bit too cool and windy to do it so I’m stuck inside. I don’t feel like knitting right now, and so I took a break from my first pair of socks and started making some nice little wall art.

It’s not much, just some typography. I recall seeing a photo of a workspace where there was something similar but now I can’t find the reference pic. I’m so often down on myself, especially since I do so many different types of crafts, I’m usually pretty rusty, art wise. I also couldn’t choose just one of these, so I’ll put them all up on here, probably print one off to use, then later change it out for a different one. Not a big fan of a few of them but there are others I adore.

Each poster is 8.5″ x 11″ either portrait or landscape. As far as I can recall all these fonts are alright to use for at least non-commercial stuff. Also, they’re all credited in the file names and very small on each poster itself. The header of the master list graphic is made of the fonts ‘greenbean’ and ‘english essay’. If you’re the creator and there’s a problem, let me know.  No harm meant.

All I ask is that if you share, link back here somewhere on the page.  

Now, let’s see if this actually works like I mean it to. Click the pic to go to the dropbox folder. There’s also a .zip with all of them. Enjoy!  🙂

thumbnail collage - pinnable


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