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Project: Pink Keyboard: A Tutorial

My keyboard came as a set with a wireless mouse and they share an adapter. They work so well and they were such a good price that my boyfriend and dad’s computers also have the same set. While the keys and function have been fine, I’ve been a little hard on the outside. My wireless keyboard which I love so much was getting a bit tragic looking.   There were splatters and smudges of paint on it that I probably could’ve gotten out and large bleached out splotches across it (from knocking over a bottle of nail polish remover) which I couldn’t, so I decided to spruce it up a bit.

There are a couple of ways you can do this: either leaving all the keys on and taping around them, or pulling the keyboard apart and popping the keys off so the painting is more thorough and there’s no chance of accidentally painting the keys.  I thought about actually painting my keys but ultimately decided against it. One way you could do that if you wanted color on them but didn’t want to obscure the numbers would be to stick the faces of the keys to some tape and then just paint the sides, I suppose. You also don’t have to do the keyboard a bright color, you could just repaint it black or grey or white, whatever the original color is if you wanted.

I’m so very sorry some of the photos for this are so terrible. One day I’ll have a real camera… and do things in the light of day. They’ve been converted to black and white so that the varying bits of blurry, pixellated mess won’t be as distracting. I’d love to also take better after pics but the keyboard is currently in Texas and I’m in Ohio.


Additionally, if taking keyboard apart:

  • small phillips screwdriver
  • q-tips
  • water/mild cleaner

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