Jes Everafter

A little bit of everything.

About Me

I’m a 25 year old living with one foot in Texas and one foot in Ohio. I have a grumpy, silver cat named Bo, a slightly dumb but loving pup named Chunk, and a nerd of a boyfriend named Mike.

For two decades I’ve created traditional art (markers, pastels, pencils, ink, oil paints, etc) and, for about a decade now, digital art, starting back with MS Paint and working my way through OpenCanvas 1, both with a mouse, up to Photoshop with a tablet. I’m still bumbling my way around Illustrator.

Over the years I’ve also dabbled in clay of different sorts (pottery, polymer), sewing, woodworking, welding, photography, crocheting, and knitting. I crocheted a little around age 15 but couldn’t do much more than chains. I’m just picking it up again and beginning knitting for the first time.


Digital art, knitting/crocheting, and a little bit of polymer clay sculpting is mostly what I do at the moment. I also draw a meandering World of Warcraft comic over on tumblr, that’s currently paused because of tablet problems.

I enjoy taking pictures of myself/my pets, archery, four wheeling, swimming, horses, computer games, dungeons & dragons, reading, and short walks to the fridge.


I’ll eventually talk about tabletop gaming a little and stuff. That only takes place when I’m up in Ohio, though, so mostly during the summer months.


I think I might call my collective art stuff Shady Lane Arts.. cause.. Lane is my last name, and I like silly things like that.