Jes Everafter

A little bit of everything.


Here are some other places you can find me, though I’m very erratic with how often I post and where.

Pinterest : Leeksoup ➽ DIY (and digital hoarding) is my right-now thang. Yep.

Polyvore : Leeksoup ➽ Pretty outfit and room designs. Just getting started.

Facebook : N/A ➽ I don’t have an Art/DIY facebook, just a personal one. If you’re not creepy or a serial killer, ask, maybe?

Ravelry : Leeksoup ➽ Knitting and crochet work is most detailed here.

Instagram : Leeksoup ➽ Random art, crafts, pics. Not super active but I’m about to try to be.

Twitter : Windborne87 ➽ Mostly post during Naked and Afraid/Naked After Dark. Instagram goes here now, too.

Tumblr : Leekstew ➽ Personal tumblr. Most of my Instagram posts will go here as well from now on via linking.

Tumblr : AP (Aleithe’s/Ale’s Pets) Comics ➽ Warcraft Tumblr Comic. On hiatus. Most likely permanent since we haven’t played in a couple of years and my tablet’s died.

DeviantART : MinorTechnicality ➽ Don’t really post much here, anymore. Old art n things are still up, though.

Last.FM : CantHearYou ➽ Keeps up with what I’ve listened to over the years on various devices… when I remember to enable it.

Spotify : I am prisoner 1247466476, apparently. ➽ Should open up the Spotify app to my profile.

Flickr : Queen of Tarts ➽ I very very rarely post here, anymore. I ran out of space.