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‘Love Your Work’ Typography Posters | Free Printables!

There’s clutter everywhere and I think I’m starting to go a little twitchy. I’ve been doing a big furniture rearrange..and also am getting ready to paint two bookshelves, a filing cabinet, and a mobile kitchen island turned craft table plus some simple diy art if I can find some more picture frames. The local cheapy thrift store is so bare. (When I’m not doing all that I’m building homes on the Sims 3 and posting ’em up to show off. /shamelessplug)

The bookshelves are getting a chalk paint finish and I had planned to start painting the first one today but it turned out a bit too cool and windy to do it so I’m stuck inside. I don’t feel like knitting right now, and so I took a break from my first pair of socks and started making some nice little wall art.

It’s not much, just some typography. I recall seeing a photo of a workspace where there was something similar but now I can’t find the reference pic. I’m so often down on myself, especially since I do so many different types of crafts, I’m usually pretty rusty, art wise. I also couldn’t choose just one of these, so I’ll put them all up on here, probably print one off to use, then later change it out for a different one. Not a big fan of a few of them but there are others I adore.

Each poster is 8.5″ x 11″ either portrait or landscape. As far as I can recall all these fonts are alright to use for at least non-commercial stuff. Also, they’re all credited in the file names and very small on each poster itself. The header of the master list graphic is made of the fonts ‘greenbean’ and ‘english essay’. If you’re the creator and there’s a problem, let me know.  No harm meant.

All I ask is that if you share, link back here somewhere on the page.  

Now, let’s see if this actually works like I mean it to. Click the pic to go to the dropbox folder. There’s also a .zip with all of them. Enjoy!  🙂

thumbnail collage - pinnable


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Ep. 7 White House Farm / Battle Bonnet’s Finished!

So I recorded this a few days ago (and quality is awful this time around, sorry) , remembered it was still on my phone and went to transfer it and several other things off my phone. I didn’t see it and thought it’d glitched and not recorded and got annoyed. Just now while going through photos I found it so now it’s saving/uploading while I add the rest of the pics of this post. It’s going to be a bit photo heavy. Sorry. (lol my sweater’s shoulders are pointy. I wasn’t thinking and put it on the back of a chair at a restaurant and hadn’t tried fixing it before the video) Links are after the break. Pathfinder is also below the break.

I also forgot to mention that White House Farm is completely packed this time of year. Parking, shopping and donut lines were insane. I found a few pics and they’re unceremoniously at the very end of the video.

So I think I mentioned before that Mike’s mom is deeply patriotic and inherited my (previously Mike’s before that) old ipad 1. She happened to also mention that she liked plaid so we stole the ipad back since I needed to get a game save off it anyway, and I measured it to make her a neat little carrying case. It has double stitched seams, snaps holding down both the large main pocket flap as well as the one covering the little pocket for coins/chapstick? on the back. There’s also a spot for styluses. Mike and I each picked out a fabric and together, we settled on the plaid flags and gold stars. She ended up absolutely loving it and definitely cried upon seeing it. You can click on them for larger pictures.

2013-09-10 - Freedom Bag - 1 Front2013-09-10 - Freedom Bag - 2 Back2013-09-10 - Freedom Bag - 6 Flag Side2013-09-10 - Freedom Bag - 4 Inside    2013-09-10 - Freedom Bag - 3 Ipad In2013-09-10 - Freedom - 7 Progress

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Ep 6: Boring with lots of links.

My hair looks awful. I can’t decide whether to cut it again or let it grown out. That in-between phase sucks. Anyway… Sorry the audio is so quiet. Be prepared, it’s a little louder at the end. Also, I’m making custom thumbnails for all the videos.. I think only this one has shown up so far as this is being written. Hopefully they’ll all come up eventually.

Links, links, so many links.

+ Apple Cider Maple Spice Cupcakes by Lady Behind The Curtain+ Apple Pie Cupcakes by I Heart Naptime(Also made the two below recently. They were delish.)
+ Bacon, Egg, and Cheese In Crescent Roll Dough (If anyone knows where these originated from I’d like to replace my Pinterest link with the correct site)
+ Rolo Pecan Turtles from So Wonderful So Marvelous

+ Jayne’s Hat: Ma Cobb’s Misadventures in Knitting by Lirantha (Notinknit) / Jayne Hat by Jess
+ Dwarven Battle Bonnet 2 by Sally Pointer (Wicked Woolens) / Mike’s Beefy Bearded Bonnet by Jess (no pics yet)
+ Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes (Mindy Wilkes Designs)  / ‘Just Beachy’ Holden Shawlette by Jess (no pics yet)

+ How To Draft A Pattern and Make A Zippered Purse With A Flat Bottom by Sew Together
+ Making Your Own Fabric Labels (& Carving Your Own Stamps!) by Prudent Baby

+ My Life As A White Trash Zombie (White Trash Zombie #1) by Diana Rowland
+ Black Blade Blues (Sarah Beauhall #1) by J.A. Pitts

+ Sally Hansen/Hard As Nails/Xtreme Wear in #340 Mint Sorbet (More opaque and green, used as a base coat)
+ Bongo in Mint Chip Madness (more of a robin’s egg blue, more translucent and with slight gold shimmers, used as a top coat)

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Ep 3: Today’s slow and lethargic video brought to you by Daryl Dixon and howling coyotes

I forgot to mention but I watched Vikings and loved it. It makes me want to grow my hair back out simply so I can braid it like Lagertha’s. I also find it funny that yesterday’s viking hairdos are today’s white trash ‘dos. :3

  • Daryl’s Arrows on RedBubble (I didn’t get mine here, I forget where. Search around, there’s usually cheaper sources than RB for shirts. Their upside is you pick your own shirt color.)

Also, whilst editing, this convo went on between Yumi and I, which amused me greatly:
Jes: I filmed a blog tonight but it’s boring.
Bob: Do you squeeze lotsa yarn happily?
Jes: No. S’why it’s boring.
Bob: Slyff: “This yarn is so soft *squeeze* like the warm pelt of a large viking man.” It’d be funny if you was saying normal stuff but there was subtitles like that under you while you talking.
Jes: I almost wanna turn the file over to you n let you put subtitles like that next time.


My lovely old strawberry curtain that served as a buffer
between the glass desk and all the glass jars.


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Ep 1: The Beginning of Knitting

    First of all, I love this thing. It’s pretty, a tiny bit retro looking (though the older one is more so), and smells good because HEY. I like the smell of leather. Who doesn’t?? I have to thank my loverly boyfriend for buying me this awesome, slightly overpriced Namaste ‘Better Buddy Case’.  Unfortunately, my crochet needles are just a TINY bit too long to stick in it diagonally. Oh well! The zombie bookmark is from  him too. Turnip and radish are by me, made with polyclay. ^^

I just started teaching myself knitting. It is SO HARD. I’m used to being able to pick up.. well… pretty much any type of craft and do it reasonably well. I’ve done woodworking. I’ve done welding. I can crochet like a madman. I have so much trouble knitting. I’m getting better but this shouldn’t be this damn hard. lol I kept trying, failing, pulling my work apart, trying again. Rinse, repeat. I work English style. I tried Continental. I really did. I still occasionally try it, because it’d make switching needles a little less awkward, but I can’t get the hang of it. I still never hold the yarn the same way twice.


I started doing a leaved (is that a word? or leafed..whatever) scarf for my mom. This one to be precise. If you don’t have a Ravelry account, it’s here* as well.

After four or five, maybe six, false starts, I finally got going and it’s looking.. decent. I keep thinking maybe I’m reading the pattern in the wrong direction, but it’s looking like the pattern in the picture so maybe I’m not. Who knows. It still takes me 8 or 900% more time to knit than it does to crochet at the moment. It’s a little easier on my wrist, at least.

I’m currently using straight needles longer than my arm. I have a circular metal pair but they were a size too big (and my knitting hasn’t been any better on them). Both are aluminum and the tips scrape my skin uncomfortably when I’m casting on, so I have a 16 piece set of carbonized bamboo circulars in the mail.

*  I’d just like to take the time to say I love, love, love, Evernote Clearly and Evernote Web Clipper. They’re Firefox (and probably other browser) addons that, obviously, pair with Evernote. I use them to quick save knit and crochet patterns that aren’t in PDF form so I can view them on my computer, old ipad, or phone whenever I need. (